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Liz LeFrois is a leader, motivator, teacher, but first and foremost a student.
Liz became one of Lululemon Athletica Soho's Ambassadors in June 2010. She is proud to be an inspiration to people representing health of the mind and body.
Originally from Rochester, NY, Liz moved to NYC after completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with a concentration in Exercise Physiology from Suny College at Brockport. Along with her college degree, Liz is also certified by the Equinox Fitness Training Institute as a tier 3 trainer. Her other certifications include American Council of Exercise, Pilates Institute of America, Linda Fit Pilates, Wharton Active Isolated Stretch, American Heart Association, Kettlebell Concepts, Pre-Post natal and 30/60/90. Liz is also a master kickboxing instructor under Ilaria Montagnani's Impact and Powerstrike programs.
Liz always brings energy and excitement to her classes but is also a form fanatic. The more efficient and self aware you are, the more benefit you get from your exercise.
You can always find Liz training hard in her fellow instructors classes, workshops or at Coban's Muay Thai camp in NYC.

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